Meet The Editor

 Hello! My name is Brenna Bailey-Davies, and I am a fiction editor and consultant.

I love working on stories because I believe in the power of words. Stories can change lives and create magic. My goal in editing is to help authors maximize the impact of their writing in a positive way.

I believe in pursuing knowledge and education on an ongoing basis, and I strive for excellence in all of my services. I am a qualified professional editor with three years of experience in my own business, and I also work with multiple editor teams to help authors achieve their goals. For example, I have had the pleasure of helping an author become an Amazon bestseller.

 In my spare time, I devour as many books as I can; my latest reads and reviews are on my Instagram. I also love travelling, and part of my heart resides in Scotland, where I completed my university degree. I live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and our adorable fur-babies.


Mary Ann Tippett / Author

I had the opportunity to work with Brenna Davies on two novel projects. Both times, I needed more than copy editing. Lurking doubts about the story prevented me from assessing it objectively. Brenna not only improved my manuscript from a clarity and grammar perspective—she intuitively zoned in on its shortcomings, offering solutions and valuable feedback on strengths and weaknesses. As a result of her input and seamless modifications, my confidence in the end product was restored. I particularly like the way she reacts to the story as a reader, commenting, “I laughed at this” or “I love this phrase,” for example, which allows me to experience my writing from the reader’s point of view. I highly recommend Brenna’s professional editing services for turning a work of fiction into a masterpiece!

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