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Developmental Editing

If you are revising an early draft of your story, I can help you strengthen your story's foundations. In a developmental edit, I give you feedback on plot, characterization, pacing, tone, language, world building, etc. by marking up the manuscript, and I include a detailed editorial report to help you with revisions.


Rate: starts at $0.04 per word

Manuscript Evaluation

Are you on a tight budget but want some professional feedback? With a manuscript evaluation, I provide detailed feedback on everything from plot to verb tense in an editorial report. I also give you suggestions for how to go forward with revisions.

Rate: $0.01 per word for the first 50 000 words

Price scales up from there


Proofreading is quality management more than editing. One tiny error in a sentence can change the entire meaning of your words, and formatting errors can be distracting. I have an eye for detail and will catch errors that could decrease the quality of your work.


Rate: starts at $0.01 per word

Gina Thornton / Author

I highly recommend Brenna for your editing project — she is absolutely fantastic to work with! I am a first-time author and as such, very new to the overall writing and publishing landscape. Brenna provided recommendations for how she could support my project and was extremely helpful with providing an initial assessment of my draft manuscript through her editorial report. She is professional and offers valuable feedback in a positive way. With each editing iteration, my vision for my personal and special book became more real. I am so happy with the end result and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful experience I had working with such an amazing editor.

Tom Stewart / Author

Brenna was professional, punctual, and easy to work with. She caught several mistakes that I and others had missed. I see her proofreading services as paying for themselves and would hire her again.


If you're not sure quite what you're looking for or you have a few questions you want answered, I offer consulting services over phone or video call.

Rate: $30/hour


Copyediting is editing at the sentence level. This includes editing grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics of style, wordiness, and internal consistency. I can help tighten up writing so readers will devour it.


Rate: starts at $0.02 per word

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